Pick My Brain Strategy Session

 Just because you don't need one of my other services, doesn't mean you don't need some advice or a listening ear for something else!
During a 30 minutes Pick My Brain Session, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, or gain insight into something you've been planning or experiencing. 
Things that I can offer expertise on:
  • Writing a book
  • Self-Publishing a book on Amazon
  • Using Canva to create digital products, book covers, journals, etc.
  • Elementary Education (Need advice on how to teach your kid a certain skills? Let me know!)
  • Writing for online publications
  • Pitching your writing to online publications
  • Studying the Bible
  • Raising Twins
  • Turning a Passion into a Business
  • Living/Teaching Abroad
... And a few other things too
When you sign up, if something is not on the list that you have questions about, please insert it into the form. If I can't help you in that area, I will let you know and refund you! I don't know everything and have no problem admitting that.