FED.THE.F**K.UP. ( I don’t curse... not yet at least)

Why don’t people talk more about this TORTURE that is potty training?!?!

And I have TWINS! :cries in a corner:

Now don’t get my wrong. My twins are actually doing well. They have dry diapers throughout the day, and always announce to the world they have to “pee pee” before using the potty. Now of course, most of this is due to the fact that they get rewarded 7 Goldfish crackers after using the potty. “Boo-booing” in the potty gets them 10.

But having to hear “I gotta PEE-PEE” EVERY SINGLE TIME is wearing on my NERVES.

And then I have to empty the potty out EVERY SINGLE TIME.

And then afterwards, I hear “I get Goldfish?” A 1,000,000,000,000 times until Goldfish are IN their hands.. and then the cycle starts over with the other twin who now wants Goldfish., so she makes herself pee.

Now we did purchase the step up to the potty where they can use it on their own... but one of us still has to be there to help them up and then wipe their buts. There is no rest for the weary in potty training.

Now, I can admit that I have achieved a goal of mine to not expose them to juices and sodas AT ALL. They don’t get juice or soda. Only water and milk... but is it illegal to not give them any fluids? They love water with lemon juice (bougie), but it just flows right through them. I’m tired of getting up and pouring out pee and poop. I’m tired of wiping other people’s butts.


Does any other mom feel this way? Lol


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