Who Are You?

I think this is the first time I’ve seen this question and not felt guilty or felt confused.

I was walking down the hall and this question, that’s been posted in the hallway for weeks POPS out at me... and this time, I actually read it and allowed it to penetrate my thoughts.

“Who Are You?”

For the first time, in a long time... maybe in my life... I looked at that question, pondered it for a few seconds while walking, and was filled with joy and confidence because I actually knew the answer.

“I’m Me.”

I didn’t have some long, drawn out definition of who I was. I wasn’t creating new words and finding fancy ways to describe me. I was just confident in saying “I’m Me” internally.

“I’m Me” could mean so many different things. There are a million labels that I could attach to myself to define who I am, but what I came to realize it means is that I’m comfortable being me. I’m confident in me. I believe in me. I’ve found strength in me. I appreciate me. I’m proud of me. I love me. I’m simply... me.

That statement comes with power. It comes with strength. To say “I’m me” is letting the world know that I’m here. I’m alive and present. Either you can take it or leave it behind. But that won’t change the fact that “I’m Me.”

It took a lot of trials, mess ups, pretending, faking it, conforming, changing, altering, making other people happy, and ignoring what I knew to be true. I can’t tell you the amount of masks I wore to make people happy or comfortable. Those masks don’t include the number of times I changed myself so that I would fit into the image others had of me. Or the times I shut my mouth and didn’t speak up or out when I knew something or someone was wrong. I had ME on mute. I had ME in a back corner somewhere waiting for her number to be called.

But over the last 2 years, I got grounded. I started to dissect the things that people complained about and find the truth. I took the constructive criticism and began to work on myself. Then I accepted the things about myself that caused discomfort in others like my voice or my personality... or the fact that I’m EXTRA. Instead of shrinking down, I stood taller. Instead of keeping quiet, I spoke louder and confidently.

So now I can pass that question on to you...

Who Are You?

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