Waiting to Exhale...


Transitioning is hard y’all. Like, for real. 

To completely move your whole family from one place to another, start a brand new job writhing 5 days of arriving, selling all of your old things, buying brand new things to create a “home”, worrying about finances, how your children are adjusting, how to manage starting a new job, especially when that job is teaching 😭.

I am finally in a space where I have taken a “Selah” moment and actually exhale. Like the movie, I’ve been WAITING TO EXHALE. No lie. 

Transitions aren’t easy. Even if your move isn’t as big as mine was, going from one place in life to another is TAXING in so many ways. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically... ALL of you has to go. If I’m being real, ALL of you isn’t always ready to go. Your body may move, but your mind may be stuck in the old place. Your emotions may not catch up to you until a few weeks or months later.

Last week, I had a good cry in my classroom. Emotionally, I was done. I had reached my limit and knew changes had to be made. 

You lose things in transition. Maybe a desire or passion dies out. Maybe you fall behind on communicating with others (sorry y’all 😩). 

But like my coach told me last week, you HAVE to give yourself GRACE. Understand that you’ve just made a transition and that you need time for ALL of you to catch up and get back in sync again. 

If you’re in a transition, or just getting out of one, give yourself grace. Trust me when I say I’m preaching to the choir. 

I’ll be back with more!


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