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The Process 🙄

Anyone else feel that way when they hear that word? Process?

You are in My hands just like clay in the potter’s hands.

Jeremiah 18:6b (GNTD)

Moment of Transparency: Sometimes, I just want things to happen quick. 

I don’t want to go through working hard. I don’t feel like sitting around waiting for something to shift... I just want... “it”. Whatever “it” may be. 

I can get caught in these stages of life that bring about life lessons and inner workings to prepare me for the greater that is coming. Whether it’s a lesson on patience, unconditional love, forgiveness, or being still, they come and they go in seasons.

Sometimes they can be painful. Other times, they’re a bit easier on my head and heart. Either way, I’m always ready to get to the other side of it. 

But nothing truly satisfying comes out of a microwave. 

This scripture is a constant reminder that God is not only in control, but has a special, unique plan in place for me. Cookie cutter pottery is nice, but everyone can buy it. But those authentic, eye-catching, one-of-a-kind pieces are made by hands. The groovers are in certain places. The flair at the top is made specific to the body of the piece itself. No two are alike. 

But even after the forming and shaping, every single piece of pottery has to go through the fire. It has to be tested. It has to endure the heat of the fire to rid it of impurities and unnecessary materials so that it can reach it’s final state, which is one of strength. 

If we try to keep it out of the fire, it remains softer, easier to pull apart and tear down. It wouldn’t be able to do it’s job of containing what’s meant to go inside it. But when it goes through the fire, it’s able to withstand the pressure and weight of whatever comes it’s way. Even if it’s broken, the pieces are so strong that it can be put back together again. 

It may not be easy right now, but we were meant to make it through the fire. Even in our most fragile state, we are able to withstand the heat. 

So no matter how hot it gets, how much energy is pulled from you, how many bad habits God is calling you to break, or how many friends you lose along the way, know that on the other side of this, you’ll be stronger, tougher, more pure and more focused to do exactly what you’ve been called to do. 


By Allyson A Robinson



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