#2020YearOfPurpose Week 3: Everything is NOT your Purpose

Hey Girl! It’s Allyson...

First off, let me apologize for just now writing this blog and getting to the message this week. The past two weeks have really been... just awkward. My family and I are currently in the midst of a big transition and the adjustment has been... an adjustment. I have some news coming up in the next few weeks, so be sure the stay connected and updated. All I can say is “God is good.”

This week, I wanted to focus in on a misconception when it comes to purpose.

”If you’re good at it, then it must be your purpose.”

False. #fakenews. #DontBelieveTheHype

Everything you’re gifted in is NOT your purpose. It may not be connected in any way. It could be the gift that opens the door for you to get connected to your purpose, but that doesn’t mean it’s the area you have to focus your full attention. 

I had this issue when it came to being an opera singer. I got everyone around me so invested in it because I just KNEW this was the thing I was born to do. Even though I got into it for the wrong reasons and with not-so-pure motives, I still committed most of myself, my dreams, and my time into this ONE area. I wasn’t concerned with being good at anything else because this was the thing I knew would take me far. I just knew that I would graduate from undergrad, go to a top graduate school for opera, audition and get the roles I wanted, then travel and live abroad in Italy where Black opera singers are more respected and sing at the Metropolitan Opera Theatre in NYC when they had a role for me. When I became an old lady, I would then train other black opera singers and help them make it as far as I did.

Sounds like a great plan right?

...until I realized that I didn’t have all those pieces to put together, but different ones God had given me.  

Through it, I learned some amazing lessons, was positioned in certain places to meet certain people, and gained some great perks from being able to sing opera. To this day, I love to hear certain songs, cheer on friends who are succeeding in that arena, and plan to take voice lessons in the future, just because. It’s a gift, and I would never want to abandon it. 

But that doesn’t mean that’s what I was put here on earth to do as my purpose. That doesn’t mean it’s my territory. 

I’m going to go deeper into this story later this week on my podcast, so don’t forget to check it out. 

As you’re finishing up the worksheet from last week’s post, be sure that you’re not just including all the things you’re GOOD at, but things that really drive you. Things you see yourself doing for the long haul. Things that will leave a legacy beyond money. 

You can be GOOD at many things, but your true GREATNESS arises when you’re operating in your true purpose. 


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