#2020YearOfPurpose Series February Week 1: What is Purpose?

Hey Girl! It’s Allyson...

Month 1 was AMAZING! Talking about your identity and how to reclaim it was mind blowing, even for me. If you missed it, please check the last month’s posts, podcasts, and live videos. You need that before diving in this month.

So I want to start this month off by talking about purpose and what it is.

We hear this word all the time. But do we really know what it means?

The dictionary says that purpose is “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”

This definition lets us know that purpose is the “why”. 

A iPhone’s purpose is to be a computer in your pocket. 

A refrigerator’s purpose is to keep things cool until it’s time to eat them. 

A car’s purpose is to get you from point A to point B without having to walk. 

So I ask you... “What is your purpose?” What is the reason you are here today? Why were you shaped and formed a certain way? Why were you created and birthed for this lifetime, and not decades ago or decades into the future?

Purpose brings excitement and an overwhelming sense of responsibility, with a newfound importance of time. 

When you know your “why”, you feel excited. The reason is because you feel a sense of importance and a motivation to continue living your life because you realize there is a reason for it. 

But you also feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility. You begin to realize that “YOLO” can’t be your life’s focus because now you have a reason to live. It’s not just to have the time of your life, but it’s to impact the lives of others. 

Many times, purpose comes when there’s a problem that needs to be solved or a better way of doing something is needed. 

In the past, peoples sent letters for communication. The problem with letters was that they arrived too slowly. By the time the other party received the letter, the message was a week or more out of date. So the telephone was created because a better way of communication was needed. 

So ask yourself, “What problem am I here to solve?” or “How can I improve the world I live in?”

Purpose is simply filling in the blank to the following statement:

”I am here because ______________.”

Throughout this week, I want you to come back to this post and then think about what you’ve believed to be purpose. Take a few minutes and write about it. 

What does purpose mean to you?


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