#2020YearofPurpose Series: Week 1: If no one told you, who would you be?

Hey Girl! It’s Allyson...

I’m so excited to embark on this journey to purpose with you. Helping you identify your purpose is a passion of mine because I use to be where you are; wondering what I was put here for and why I continue to wake up every morning. 

But one thing God revealed to me in prayer was that purpose comes AFTER you know your identity. There may be insight along the way about who you were created to be and why, but you can’t get there until after you first understand who you and and WHOSE you are. 

I propose to you this questions: If no one told you, who would you be? Without the compliments, without the accomplishments in a certain area of your life, without the disappointments, who would you truly be?

This was a question that God asked me years ago while I was in graduate school. I was a vocal performance major in graduate school at the time. From high school up until 2011, I wanted to be an opera singer. I was determined to be an opera singer. But the root of why wasn’t pure. The reason I chose music was because it got me the attention and affirmation that I needed. I gained friends because I sang opera. I got attention because I sang opera. So I jumped on the train because that’s where the accomplishments were showing up. 

But in my first year of graduate school, something happened. I discovered that I had some vocal issues going on and for this first few months of graduate school, when I thought that I was going to be singing every day, on stage, and having a blast, I was in vocal therapy, singing songs that were safe because of the damage that was done to my voice over time without me knowing. 

When I found out that I had nodules, I was devastated. I cried for hours afterwards. But it brought me to a crossroads; now that I couldn’t sing, who was I? I had gained my identity from what I was doing, not from who God called me to be. Now that it was gone, I had no clue who I was anymore. I was confused and needed help in trying to discover who I was again because I didn’t know. I had thrown other pieces of me to the side because I was sure that THIS was what I would be doing for the rest of my life. 

But now, I didn’t have it. So what did I have?

It was in this period of time that God asked me this question. “If no one complimented you, affirmed your singing, told you that you should be a singer for the rest of your life, who would you be?” I had no idea. 

This set me on the path to find the answer... and what better place to look than to the one who created me? God. 

So I’m asking you the same question. 

If no one told you, who would you be?


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