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#2020YearOfPurpose Purpose Week 4: The Effects of Knowing Your Purpose

Hey Girl! It’s Allyson...

Life continues to get crazier and crazier in the Robinson household, so please continue to bear with me as I post these later and later in the week.❤️ But I’m not giving up! And because you’re here, you’re not giving up either. 

This week, I’m talking about the effects of knowing your purpose. We always talk about the positive impacts that it has on our lives. We’re able to be all God wants us to be. We have clearer direction and focus and we’re able to blaze a trail for those coming after us. 

We know that part. 

The part that people forget to mention are the harder adjustments you end up making because you choose to walk in your purpose. 

When you realize that you’re a limited edition, available for a limited time only and from the beginning of time and for all eternity, there will only be ONE of you, you start counting the seconds. The minutes start to matter more. The hours start to add up. 

You’ll begin to look around at your life and ask “What am I doing?”

You may start looking at your job and going “This is not where I’m supposed to be.”

You might even look at your boyfriend and go “This is not where I’m supposed to be.”

When you begin to walk in purpose, you become laser focused on the goal; getting everything out of you that God put in you before you die.

Death is inevitable which means that the most valuable currency you possess... is time. When you come to accept this, you begin to take stock of what you value most in your life. You also look like what’s taking up the most amount of your time. Then you’re forced to ask the question “Does this THING align with my purpose?”

For example, if you know your purpose is to empower women embrace their natural beauty, would you spend time with a group of friends that loves to gossip about every woman they see who isn’t wearing makeup or doesn’t have time to slay her hair? No. Would it best serve your audience to work as an IT person in a cubicle all day and staring at Netflix all night? No. 

Purpose will make you question what you’re doing in order to save your time, talent and treasure. 

So you’ll end up choosing between your unique purpose or staying the same and not progressing forward in who you know you’ve been called to be. 

Which YOU will YOU choose?


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