#2020YearOfPurpose Identity Week 4: Expose the Lies

Hey Girl! It’s Allyson...

What a month we’ve had together talking about identity and the importance of re-discovering our own, getting rid of the imposter we’ve put on display to live our life for us, and walking in our own individual uniqueness. 

For this last week, I want to give you an assignment. 

This assignment will take the whole week, so it will be the only focus of the week. 

This activity is something I got from Lisa Nichols. My husband and I coached with her while we were living in the UAE. 

If you’ve never heard of Lisa Nichols or heard her speak, you are missing out! This woman is so wonderful in her speaking, writing, listening, coaching, etc. 

While we were sitting in a Q&A session the first time we met her, she got a lot of questions about life situations and how to get started when you have baggage and things holding you back. 

The solution she gave has impacted me for almost a year. 

It’s called the Expose the Lies exercise. 

1. Take out 16 pieces of paper. At the top of each 4th piece of paper, write these 4 headings: Finances and Business, Relationships (domestic, family, friends work), Health and Wellness, Spirituality

2. Take a pencil and write out every lie you’ve believed about the heading, then skip 4 lines. (Ex: Finances and Business Lie: People who are wealthy didn’t earn their money the right way.) Fill out the rest of the pieces of paper under their heading. 

3. After you’ve written out all the lies you’ve been telling yourself or believing, come back with a red pen and write in the truth. If you’re not sure of the truth, many times, it’s simply the exact opposite of what you’re saying. What helped me was using my Bible and finding scripture that directly contradicted what I was believing to be the truth, when in reality it was a lie. (Ex: Finances and Business Lie: People who are wealthy didn’t earn their money the right way. Truth: People who are wealthy work hard for what they’ve been given and if I work hard, I can be wealthy too.)

4. For the next two days, read the lie and the truth together. 

5. On the third day, erase the lie and read the truth for three days.

At the end of the week, I’m going to share what I felt after doing this exercise. I don’t want to spoil the ending. Join me on Periscope, Twitter, or Facebook and connect with me so when I go live, you’ll be notified!


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